September 25, 2018

Speaking up when it counts, cutting through whatever the noise is to get your point across, boldly stepping into crucial conversations that must be had, navigating the politics in your environment; all of these things matter if you want a successful career, and all require practiced skill. Everyone bumps up against challenges with some of this. Each person’s challenge points differ, but ultimately, when left unaddressed, they’ll get between you and your success in the world.

September 11, 2018

Learning to be more assertive when it matters most to you, is one of those kinds of behavior upgrades that requires you to have a really good incentive for wanting to do it. It’s hard for most people and no one is born assertive. Reacting “non assertively” to people and situations is a response to fight or flight, and mimics it. You’ll either tend to be aggressive, or passive, sometimes passive aggressive