Buisness Leaders make the world go round!

It’s okay, you don’t have to be modest. You can admit it. This is a safe space!

Whether you’re running a small business or are on a leadership team at a Fortune 500 company, your impact and influence is undeniable. You’ve successfully navigated the ebbs and flows of being a business leader and have been instrumental in the ongoing success of your company.

But changes are afoot. Perhaps you feel like you’re a ball of unrealized potential waiting to burst, or you’ve got a new dream or project that’s been gnawing at you for months. Sure, you’ve gotten this far on your own. But to level up and truly realize your vision and make a lasting impact on the world and in your own life, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done to get where you’ve never been.
Ready to do something
you've never done before?

That’s exactly where I come in!
I work with current and
future business leaders
in four key areas:

In some cases doing what you've never done before means uncovering your true purpose and going after that sparkling, exciting thing that has been relegated to your dreams until now. In others, it might be learning the art of assertive communication so you can finally speak up and be heard, navigate complex environments and people, and influence with or without direct dotted lines.
Building Confidence
Speaking up and being heard builds confidence
Assertive Communication
Handling difficult yet crucial conversations
Finding Your Purpose and Stepping Into Your Power
Authentic Leadership—Leading with Heart & Soul
Every business leader comes to the table with a unique variety of personal strengths and weaknesses, some of which are deeply entrenched. And let’s not forget the complex systems that are built-in to companies, including their own set of strengths, weaknesses, culture, and dynamics, that you must also consider.

But don’t fret. I coach executive and business leaders and help you overcome these types of challenges by helping you become an expert at navigating these systems while getting what you want and need from them. I start by helping you identify and articulate what you really want.

A Trusted Executive Coach With a Global PerspectiveWhy Andrea Wedell Executive Coaching?

I’m a seasoned executive coach with two decades of multi-industry experience helping leaders develop the mindsets, skills, and strategies they need to increase their impact and enhance the value they bring to the organizations they work for. I specialize in vision development, team building, influence, conflict management, executive presence, and career transition. I’m currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am coaching executives and business owners within a broad range of organizational cultures.

I’ve traveled the world, lived in France for 27 years, and as such have developed laser-sharp instincts when it comes to people and their potential. My international experience gives me an ability to drop into any individual, team or corporate culture and immediately assess the dynamics at play, my client’s pain point and opportunities for growth. I hit the ground running at the start of every engagement.

My individual coaching clients have experienced results in the form of promotions, successful career pivots to the work they’re designed for and love, success with their start-ups, high performing teams that are singled out for their excellence. My corporate clients have earned millions of additional dollars by retaining key talent, and gaining more inspired leadership.


Here's what some of my executive coaching clients have to say:
“ Andrea is an incredible executive coach who gets to the heart of the issues, pushes you and brings fun and personality to the process. We worked together as I navigated challenging professional dynamics and my own career progress. She helped me get to the root of the problems and helped me identify trends across all of our conversations. It was incredibly easy to connect with her from day one. I’d highly recommend working with her! ”

— Jelena Djordjevic, Chief Of Staff at Thumbtack

“Andrea is a deeply thoughtful leadership & management coach who strikes the perfect balance between providing succinct actionable advice and open-ended frameworks for self-guided reflection. As a person and a mentor, she is warm, generous, and supportive. I highly recommend Andrea Wedell in any capacity related to career growth or professional development."

— Seth Thompson, Product Manager - GOOGLE, San Francisco, CA

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