Your hunger for career freedom paired with your unwavering desire to cultivate change on a micro and macro level is what’ll shape generations for years to come. Like all grand visions, you need a grand plan…and a swift kick-start to get you in gear and on the right path. That’s where I come in.

Tired of doing it all yourself?

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs
at every step of their journey which
may include the following:

I'm passionate about helping entreprenuers at every step of their journey
which may include the following:

Step 1

  • Establish a clear, crisp, well-articulated strategic vision
  • Determine a product or service that uses your super power and is niche
  • Determine a product or service that corresponds to a researched market need
  • Develop a brand that reflects your style and offering
  • Gain a clear understanding of what your customers/clients need and want from your product or service

Step 2

  • Develop a strong pitch with a compelling client or investor message
  • Develop compelling content and a sound social media strategy
  • Establish an overall business development and marketing strategy broken down into tactics you’ll be excited to tackle
  • Harness your networking power

Step 3

  • Set up healthy co-founder working relationships
  • Get systems and processes in place so your business runs smoothly
  • Manage your priorities
  • Incorporate self-care into your routine to maintain the momentum that success requires of you

My Experience + Your Passion = Your Secret Weapon to Entrepreneurial SuccessWhy Andrea Wedell
Entrepreneur Coaching?

For more than 20 years, I’ve worked as a thriving coach and creative entrepreneur across two continents. I’ve built a successful business in France, and run two flourishing businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I strongly believe that the most powerful advocate you can ever have is yourself. You are your own secret weapon and through my coaching, I help you harness that power, uncover what’s really holding you back, and make strategic decisions that will get you exactly where you want and need to be in your business.

My coaching expertise paired with my entrepreneurial skills work to support my clients as they create and drive the businesses they’re most passionate about.

Let’s work together to actualize your vision!

Here's what some of my entreprenuer clients have to say:
“I started working with Andrea during a time in which I was making a major change in my life and career. Andrea has helped me organize my thoughts around my new business objectives and strategies. She's bolstered my confidence to take the plunge to go all-in with my entrepreneurial journey. She's helped me set my team up for success, even as we started working remotely, and to set myself up for success as a leader. My business has worked out far better than I imagined it would. I can always count on Andrea to help me think more clearly about ins and outs of running my online business and team. Her approach is holistic, and takes everything into consideration for a successful work and life balance. She has been a trusted advisor during a hard period in my life and a pivotal moment in my business.”

— Ivan Chicchon, Founder and CEO, Implant Ninja

"When I was transitioning out of the corporate world to entrepreneurship, I knew I was
strongly driven and passionate about my new endeavor. I also knew I needed a neutral
third voice, a smart person who could mirror and emphasize my progress, and fill in the
gaps where I might be missing information or insight. I chose Andrea as my coach
among many others because of her kindness, her level of emotional intelligence and
above all her strong analytical skills and experience as a Business owner. Her support
over the past months has been invaluable. I felt like Andrea really understood me on
multiple levels. She adapted to my personality and needs and provided just the right
level of support where I needed it most. She helped me to bridge my French identity
with the Californian and American culture that resulted in thought leadership pieces that
are critical for my new venture. She is an excellent coach and mentor for entrepreneurs.
I’d highly recommend her for any entrepreneur who wants to fast track their progress
towards success."

— Geraldine Woloch Addamine, Founder and CEO of Good4Work, San-Francisco CA

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Building Confidence
Speaking up and being heard builds confidence
Assertive Communication
Assertive Communication allows the handling difficult yet crucial conversations
Finding Your Purpose and Stepping Into Your Power
Authentic Leadership—Leading with Heart & Soul