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I would highly recommend Andrea as a professional coach. She and I worked together over the past year, during a time where I had many open questions about how I wanted to focus my time, grow and advance my career. Her thoughtful approach helped me unpack my motivations, add clarity to the direction I am headed and instill confidence in those around me as I improved in my work. I hope to work with her again in the future!

–Connor Hayes, Director of Product, Instagram, San Francisco

Andrea is a tremendous coach! She helped me understand my personal motivations for my focus areas, which helped fuel my growth. She was invested in me and my team – helping facilitate group activities with my team, allowing her to give me more real-time feedback and to help me be more effective. And she was a great sounding board for all of my toughest decisions!

–Merrill Feather, Director of Product Marketing, Facebook, San Francisco

“It is rare to come across a management coach as skilled and impactful as Andrea. I worked with Andrea for two years through my many roles at Dropbox: data scientist, chief of staff, and machine learning engineer. I am in awe of Andrea’s ability to empathetically break down a problem into actionable insights and suggestions–which has had a profound impact on my professional career. Her artwork is also astounding!

As a management coach and as a human, Andrea has my highest recommendation.”

–Irene Chen, Data Scientist, San Francisco

“Andrea is a deeply thoughtful leadership & management coach who strikes the perfect balance between providing succinct actionable advice and open-ended frameworks for self-guided reflection. Over the course of the past year and a half, Andrea has helped me improve my approach to strategy, communication, presentation, and execution at Google. As a person and a mentor, she is warm, generous, and supportive. I highly recommend Andrea Wedell in any capacity related to career growth or professional development.”

–Seth Thompson, Product Manager, San Francisco

“I contacted Andrea at a time in my career when I needed help getting clear on my work priorities and values.  I had been awarded a promotion and knew in my heart that I didn’t want it, but wasn’t sure what that meant for me or my future.  Andrea guided me through that confusing time and provided many resources to explore my options and decisions.  I loved working with Andrea and would highly recommend her as a career coach.  She was insightful, available and created a very safe space for me to explore important career decisions at a time when I needed a place to be vulnerable and to think creatively about my next move.  “

Sarah B, Senior Buyer, San Francisco

“I came to Andrea for help with a big transition I was making into a leadership role with a lot of client-facing responsibilities. She helped me with a couple of specific things: learning how to use a variety of leadership styles, effectively delegating, and figuring out when to escalate concerns up to senior management. Andrea was a thoughtful listener who asked me to test out assumptions I was making and gave me frameworks to think about the decisions I was making. I found our coaching sessions to be really helpful and I am confident that I’ll use the ideas and concepts that Andrea introduced me to in the future.”

–Chelsey Tanaka – Project Manager, San Francisco

“Working with and learning from Andrea was a highlight of my time at Dropbox. Through our coaching sessions, I become more confident in my professional skills – specifically around leading others and presentation skills – and clearer about my professional values. Every session I came away feeling refreshed and inspired. I wholeheartedly recommend Andrea as a coach.”

–James Liu – Project Manager, San Francisco

More Praise

“I contacted Andrea at a time in my career when I needed help getting clear on my work priorities and values.  I had been awarded a promotion and knew in my heart that I didn’t want it, but wasn’t sure what that meant for me or my future.  Andrea guided me through that confusing time and provided many resources to explore my options and decisions.  I loved working with Andrea and would highly recommend her as a career coach.  She was insightful, available and created a very safe space for me to explore important career decisions at a time when I needed a place to be vulnerable and to think creatively about my next move.  ”

Sarah B, Senior Buyer, San Francisco

“Andrea brings a blend of empathy, compassion and a strong moral compass to the art of coaching that make her uniquely effective. Throughout my 2+ years working Andrea, I’ve been consistently impressed at her ability to reason through situations at a variety of levels of abstraction — from role-playing difficult conversations, to providing frameworks for thinking through situations, to helping reason through things on a values level.”

Tanay Mehta, Product Manager, San Francisco

“I worked with Andrea as my coach for several months while I worked at Dropbox. She’s a fantastic listener, making sure she understood what I was trying to say (which certainly helped teach me how to be better at active listening by example), and also great at asking questions to challenge the assumptions built into the way I was thinking about myself, my abilities, and the way I interact with other people at work.

The primary things I was working on were communication styles and how to work better with people who are very different from myself. We also worked on my ability to project and run meetings more effectively as I’m usually softspoken and passive.

After working with her, I’ve gained much more confidence overall. Specifically I run my meetings more effectively, have a better understanding of how I like to work and how I can be more successful when working with others.

I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone seeking an executive coach.”

Katherine Lai, Software Engineer, San Francisco

“For years, I’ve been feeling like I wasn’t devoting the time I needed to my writing, that the work was suffering for it, and worst of all, I was so focused on what I was NOT getting done, that I neither enjoyed the process of creation, or the time I spend doing other things I supposedly enjoyed.

I hired Andrea to work with me for three months via bi-weekly check-ins. The results were truly revelatory. I felt like we connected on multiple levels almost immediately, she had an amazing intuition about what my stumbling blocks were and how to best work through them. She also has a masterful way of cutting right through to the heart of the things.

Andrea is wise and wonderful and incredibly fun to work with. After just three months, both the quality and productivity of my writing improved exponentially. Plus, I’m actually having fun writing again–a feeling that’s eluded me for years.”

Mike Schlitt, playwright, director, performer, Los Angeles, California

“In 2011, my company AMB Property corporation merged with Prologis. At that time I was in charge of AMB for Southern Europe at the head of a  team of 10 or so. I became Head of Southern Europe of the new entity – called Prologis – and had to manage a team of nearly 70. The merger prompted me to come into coaching with a few goals in mind:

  1. Move the culture of Prologis to a culture of accountability, performance and fun
  2. Build a cohesive management team that would capitalize on its experience and origin but primarily on the new opportunity of the merger to create a new company
  3. Ensure the management team would spread the new culture to all employees

Three years later, I must say that all three goals were reached. Andrea has been instrumental in helping me understand the culture of Prologis, how people interacted, how to manage people that were reluctant to change ,how to handle critical situations that sometime created frustrations and emotions and to keep and integrate the key managers that worked with me previously in the new organization. She also helped build this new culture within the Management team by developing Self-Awareness programs for all of us that were critical as a step toward better and stronger cohesion;

 Andrea has done a terrific job not so much by providing solutions to problems but by pushing me identify the solutions so that they became obvious. She was also a good asset to help implement those solutions. Last but not least, she led a few seminars with my Management team around Corporate values, Accountability and problem solving. The fact that she was bilingual English- French was undoubtedly a strength.

 François Rispe, General Manager for Southern Europe, Prologis, Paris, France

“I highly recommend Andrea as a business coach. She has been a tremendous help for the development of our people at Carlson Wagonlit Travel Europe. When our recently promoted young talents were identified as high potentials, I wanted to make sure these key emerging leaders were able to rise to the bar and succeed. Andrea supported them through this process, and the results went beyond our expectations. Being bicultural herself, (French /American), Andrea knows how to bridge the two cultures and possesses the tools, qualifications and experience to bring the best out in people. She always maintains a positive regard for her coachees and is at all times supportive and non-judgemental.”

Nam Durand, HR Director EMEA, CWT, Paris France

“I came to Andrea when I needed help creating my business offer. I had a lot of balls in the air, and needed someone to help me see, prioritize and gather the scattered pieces into the innovation program I was developing. I had a feeling Andrea would understand me like no one else, and I sure was right about that. She is both highly creative and pragmatic, warm and caring. Her support went far beyond my expectations and today my creative business is thriving. Thank you Andrea ! ”

Marianne Mitchell, Visual Artist and Creative Educator, Denver Colorado

“As a full time artist, I’ve been away from the corporate business world for 12 years, and I suddenly found myself in the position to provide a workshop for artist’s websites. Fear and nervousness overcame me until I talked with Andrea Wedell. Through Skype, with Andrea in France and me in Canada, Andrea coached me with a series of video calls. Andrea helped me build my skills, provided encouragement and valuable feedback, she was my audience of one who played many roles to challenge me to perform at my very best. I was able to structure and practice my content and field questions which in turn enabled me to think on my feet. By working with Andrea I was able to overcome my awkwardness and rebuild the confidence I once had in the boardroom. The class I’d been so scared about was a tremendous success and I’m doing more and more of them now, along with presentations. All of this is a tremendous help to my business development.”

Kim Bruce, artist and website designer for artists, Canada

“The coaching sessions with Andrea have empowered  and guided me through the initial stages of a new artistic career. Her extremely intelligent insight have given me so much more clarity about the myriad psychological and pragmatic issues of this new professional arena.  She encourages your potential!”

Karen Isgrid, Entertainer, Rome, Italy

“I met Andrea during a time of some personal turmoil due to unexpected unemployment. Over many cups of tea, in a warm, nurturing environment, she helped me assess my strengths and weaknesses, and was a great sounding board that helped me come to terms with my new situation, restore some bruised confidence and move forward in a positive way.”

Chris, IT consultant, speaker, Apple, Paris France

“I have worked with Andrea for several training projects for our company. She is always a very professional, positive and effective person. All the trainees give us systematic excellent feedback after each training course. She knows exactly how to develop the skills of each person. It is always a pleasure to work with her because she brings us a solution for each problem. And the most important for a HR team,it is to work with someone as Andréa because she totally resptects the confidentiality of each request.”

Ana Paula MACHADO HR MANAGER GLOBAL/EMEA HQ Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Paris, France

“Andrea Wedell has delivered training for us on several occasions over the past 4 years. She is one of our valued and trustworthy suppliers as she has been able to systematically deliver extremely professional and innovative training each time. When Andrea gives a seminar,excellent results are garanteed. She has developed her very own way of approaching human matters and is both a well seasoned presenter and a solid pedagog. She does an expert job in engaging participants and motivating them to change behaviors and develop new skills.”

Caroline Grard, Director of HR and Management Development, PMU, Paris, France

“I experienced the professionalism of Andrea in a seminar on creativity”. The alternation of theoretical and simulation exercises allow participants to become aware of their skills and to assimilate operational techniques. Through both the content provided and the quality of the animation, Andrea adds value to the human potential.” Service Category: Career Coach
 Year first hired: 2010
 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Jean-Pascal Denis HR Manager at Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Paris, France

“Andrea has shown great flexibility and openness. These are invaluable assets. Her artistic talents also lend support to her work as a coach, as you need to be right-brained to use your intuition to help guide others. And Andrea herself, having been exposed to multicultural environments, can widen perceptions more easily for those seeking alternatives for change”.

Dan Low : CEO WORLD EDUCATION, Paris, France

« Me faire coacher par Andrea a été une expérience très enrichissante à plus d’un titre. Elle m’a non seulement aidé à retrouver une situation professionnelle qui me corresponde mais elle m’a surtout aidé à prendre conscience de ma valeur et de mes aptitudes. Elle m’a ouvert les yeux sur la nécessité de se respecter soi-même et de s’affirmer en toutes circonstances. Cela peut paraître incroyable mais je n’avais jamais vu les choses sous cet angle ! 3 ans après c’est avec grand plaisir que je retourne voir Andrea, cette fois pour clarifier mes valeurs, mes envies et mieux savoir où je vais… » Alexandra, manager communication internationale – 39 ans

“Je fais du coaching avec Andréa depuis plusieurs mois. Cela m’a été bénéfique sous plusieurs aspects. Le fait de revoir des objectifs régulièrement redonne de l’assurance et permet de ne pas perdre de vue ce qui doit être atteint. J’ai donc mieux perçu ce qui était important pour moi et j’ai trouvé un emploi dans le consulting. En parlant d’objectifs concrets, on peut gagner en efficacité et ne pas trop se disperser. J’ai ainsi travaillé plusieurs mois et mené les activités qui m’étaient confiées avec beaucoup plus d’éfficacité. Cette période a été constructive et me permet d’être plus serein pour envisager les prochains mois de travail. Cette confiance me permettra également de faire une formation dans le conseil. Mes rapports avec les autres ont été facilités par cette meilleure connaissance de moi-même mes souhaitais. Le projet que je menais a donc mieux fonctionné (progrès en communication, améliorations à apporter mieux perçues). Jean-Marc,  consultant en informatique.