For Andrea Wedell Coaching

“When I was transitioning out of the corporate world to entrepreneurship, I knew I was strongly driven and passionate about my new endeavor. I also knew I needed a neutral third voice, a smart person who could mirror and emphasize my progress, and fill in the gaps where I might be missing information or insight.”

“I chose Andrea as my coach among many others because of her kindness, her level of emotional intelligence and above all her strong analytical skills and experience as a Business owner. Her support over the past months has been invaluable.”

“Good judgment is such a differentiating quality in Business and is sometimes mysteriously hard to access. I’ve experienced that each of Andrea’s recommendations and/or my own “aha moments” during or after the coaching sessions, were the crystallization of my intuitions along with the facts that I had shared with her.”

“I felt like Andrea really understood me on multiple levels. She adapted to my personality and needs and provided just the right level of support where I needed it most. She helped me to bridge my French identity with the Californian and American culture that resulted in thought leadership pieces that are critical for my new venture.”

“She is an excellent coach and mentor for entrepreneurs. I’d highly recommend her for any entrepreneur who wants to fast track their progress towards success.”
— Geraldine Woloch-Addamine, Founder and CEO of Good4Work, San Francisco

“I came to Andrea when I needed help creating my business offer. I had a lot of balls in the air and needed someone to help me see, prioritize and gather the scattered pieces into the innovation program I was developing. I had a feeling Andrea would understand me like no one else, and I sure was right about that. She is both highly creative and pragmatic, warm and caring. Her support went far beyond my expectations.”
— Marianne Mitchell, Visual Artist and Creative Educator, Denver

“Andrea is an incredible executive coach who gets to the heart of the issues, pushes you and brings fun and personality to the process. We worked together as I navigated challenging professional dynamics and my own career progress. She helped me get to the root of the problems and helped me identify trends across all of our conversations. It was incredibly easy to connect with her from day one. I’d highly recommend working with her!”
— Jelena Djordjevic, Chief Of Staff at Thumbtack

“Andrea is a deeply thoughtful leadership & management coach who strikes the perfect balance between providing succinct actionable advice and open-ended frameworks for self-guided reflection. Over the course of the past year and a half, Andrea has helped me improve my approach to strategy, communication, presentation, and execution at Google. As a person and a mentor, she is warm, generous, and supportive. I highly recommend Andrea Wedell in any capacity related to career growth or professional development.
– Seth Thompson, M. Arch I at Yale School of Architecture

“In 2011, my company AMB Property corporation merged with Prologis. At that time I was in charge of AMB for Southern Europe at the head of a team of 10 or so. I became Head of Southern Europe of the new entity – called Prologis — and had to manage a team of nearly 70 staff. The merger prompted me to come into coaching with a few goals in mind:

  1. Move the culture of Prologis to a culture of accountability, performance and fun
  2. Build a cohesive management team that would capitalize on its experience and origin but primarily on the new opportunity of the merger to create a new company
  3. Ensure the management team would spread the new culture to all employees

Three years later, I must say that all three goals were reached. Andrea has been instrumental in helping me understand the culture of Prologis, how people interacted, how to manage people that were reluctant to change, how to handle critical situations that sometimes created frustrations and emotions and to keep and integrate the key managers that worked with me previously in the new organization. She also helped build this new culture within the Management team by developing Self-Awareness programs for all of us that was critical as a step toward better and stronger cohesion;

Andrea has done a terrific job not so much by providing solutions to problems but pushing me to identify the solutions so that they become obvious. She was also a good asset to help implement those solutions. Last but not least, she led a few seminars with my Management team around Corporate values, Accountability. and problem-solving. The fact that she was bilingual English- French was undoubtedly a strength.
– François Rispe, General Manager for Southern Europe, Prologis, Paris

“I highly recommend Andrea Wedell as a professional coach. I started working with Andrea about a year ago after accepting a new and challenging role at San Jose State University. Since that time, she has helped me successfully navigate personnel issues, managing up, and building a highly effective leadership team. Andrea’s depth of experience means she quickly identifies the factors at play in any situation and then she helps me to see them too. Andrea has an ease and warmth that allow for open and honest communication, and I have learned a lot about myself through our discussions. I am definitely more confident and effective in my role as a result of our coaching relationship.”
— Marna Genes Senior Associate Vice President, Finance, San Jose State University

“Andrea really took the time to understand me and how I learn. She broke the soft skills into a structured and logical framework that my engineering brain could grok. This helped me build deeper relationships with my teammates and mentors. I highly recommend Andrea when anyone asks me about management coaching.”
— Rebecca Illowsky, Product Manager at Facebook