About Andrea

Andrea is a seasoned coach specialized in Leadership excellence, entrepreneurship, and career growth

In her leadership coaching work Andrea focuses on her client’s ability to communicate and be heard. She helps leaders build strong relationships by helping them develop greater awareness about themselves, so they can be more effective with others. She works on assertive communication skills so her clients are equipped to handle crucial conversations with ease.

For entrepreneurs, she helps those clients hone their entrepreneurial skills set, network strategically, and drive their business.

For the many seeking career orientation and growth, she helps clients create a vision for their career that is most closely aligned to what they care about. Once the vision is crystallized, she works with them to identify where they are today in terms of skills and accomplishments, and what steps to take to get where they want to go.

Andrea brings demonstrated international expertise in coaching, teaching leaders and facilitating cross-functional, and cross-cultural teambuilding events. She has co-created an international corporate university, developed and run international coaching programs for emerging leaders, recruited and managed teams of coaches and consultants. An entrepreneur herself, she created and ran her own company in Paris, France for 10 years. and runs two businesses in the Bay Area.

Andrea graduated from UCLA with a B.A in theater and has taught theater skills to help people become powerful and influential communicators throughout her career.

Her continued education has been in communication, personal development, and mindfulness.

She is certified in executive and life coaching, DISC and Reach 360 assessment and has a degree in graphic design.

When not working with her clients, she can be found painting in her studio, exhibiting her art work, and enjoying the many natural wonders of her native Bay Area.

Some examples of her work:

  • Chief Human Resources Officer of a multi site restaurant company who was handling staffing issues while the company was going through serious restructuring. Coaching focused on talent retention, reshaping the team, handling difficult conversations, creating a vision and plan for executive training in order to bring about the new corporate culture shift.
  • High potentials at a technology Fortune 500 who were promoted to senior level program management roles. Coaching focused on helping make the transition from an academic environment to a corporate one, developing executive presence and influence within their organizations, identifying and communicating effectively with stakeholders, negotiating, managing teams and career path orientation.
  • Director at a Real Estate Investment Trust who was promoted to GM for Southern Europe when the French based firm merged with a large global company. Coaching focused on talent retention, communicating across cultures, integrating new global corporate values, and reshaping the board of director team dynamic across Southern Europe.
  • Human Resources Officer at a large global travel management company who was promoted to the job. Coaching focused on making the transition to a higher level of responsibility successful, creating the executive presence she needed to establish her credibility, gaining an firm hand in handling conflict with aggressive stakeholders and team members, and her overall assertive communication strategy and style.
  • Young executive at a San Francisco based technology firm who wanted to create a carve-out business within the company. Coaching focused on building strategic relationships and partnerships to gain influence and followership, creating and delivering a strong presentation for the board, and assertive communication skills to demonstrate his ability to take on a director level role.
  • Senior engineers at a global aerospace company. Coaching focused on developing interpersonal skill to shape a poorly functioning teams into a high performing ones, developing executive presence and handling crucial conversations.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience
Andrea brings demonstrated international expertise in coaching, teaching leaders, and facilitating cross-cultural teambuilding events. She has co-created an international corporate university, developed and run international corporate coaching programs for high potentials, recruited and managed teams of coaches and consultants, facilitated globally run, team coaching programs.

While living in Paris, France, she created and ran a successful mid-sized coaching and training consultancy for 10 years. Her clients included Apple France, JPMorgan, Hermès, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, LCH Clearnet, Clarins Thierry Muggler, Groupama andThe Boston Consulting Group.
She has worked with leaders in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The UK, The Netherlands, Russia, and across the United States.

Education and Training
Andrea graduated from UCLA with a B.A in theater. She continued her education in communication and personal development extensively through retreats and seminars in Europe. She became a certified coach through Coach Academy in 2004, is certified in DISC and Reach 360 assessment. She has certification in graphic design with the American University in Paris. In addition she has also completed a master coach training program with Marion Franklin, MCC.