Coaching for Entrepreneurs: Dare to be Great

Creative entrepreneurs crave making positive change in the world. I love them for it and coach them to:

  • Crystalize and articulate their vision,
  • Identify the entrepreneurial skills they have and the gaps they need to fill,
  • Create a game plan to upskill fast,
  • Network like a champion,
  • Create a solid social networking strategy,
  • Create messages that will draw your customers to you like a magnet,
  • Deliver powerful pitches

Why work with me?

Experience makes a big difference.

I’ve been both coach and creative entrepreneur for over 20 years on two continents. I’ve built a business in France, and drive two business in the Bay Area. People often tell me I’m the best networker they’ve ever met.  Networking magic is all about being an outstanding people person, having courage, knowing exactly who to reach out to, and what to say once you’ve got their attention. It’s also about giving, lots of giving. With my combined coaching expertise and entrepreneurial skill, I support my clients as they create and drive the businesses they’re passionate about.

“I hired Andrea to work with me for three months via bi-weekly check-ins. The results were truly revelatory. I felt like we connected on multiple levels almost immediately, she had an amazing intuition about what my stumbling blocks were and how to best work through them. She also has a masterful way of cutting right through to the heart of the things.”

–Mike Schlitt, playwright, director, performer, Los Angeles, California