Career Growth Coaching

Career Coaching: What’s Next?

There’s a statistic out there that says 80% of professionals want their careers to improve in the coming year. I’ve certainly noticed that trend in my own coaching practice. People want to be doing work that’s meaningful to them, period. It’s a non-negotiable for some, and seems to have become the new norm. Sometimes it means leveraging your current job and growing from within, sometimes it means carving out an entirely new direction.

I help my clients, get this next career step right, by helping you:

  • Assess your talents and accomplishments
  • Connect the dots to spot what really floats your personal boat
  • Shape your career and lifestyle vision
  • Leverage and grow your network
  • Identify gaps in your skills set and a plan to upskill fast
  • Create or recreate your personal brand
  • Define your personal marketing strategy
  • Treat your career direction as a project and become a very saavvy project manager

Why work with me?

Experience makes a big difference.

I’m certified in multiple assessments and use them to help you gain clarity about where you’re strong, where you need to grow, and what drives you.  Clarity combined with non-compromised focusperseverance, a willingness to learn, great networking and people skills will get you what you’re looking for. I’ve witnessed it in my own life, and time and time again with my clients.

“I came to Andrea when I needed help creating my business offer. I had a lot of balls in the air, and needed someone to help me see, prioritize and gather the scattered pieces into the innovation program I was developing. I had a feeling Andrea would understand me like no one else, and I sure was right about that. She is both highly creative and pragmatic, warm and caring. Her support went far beyond my expectations and today my creative business is thriving. Thank you Andrea ! ”

–Marianne Mitchell, Visual Artist and Creative Educator, Denver Colorado